Google Tech News is a great resource for staying up to date on the latest news. But sometimes it’s hard to know what you want to read about. If you’re looking for information on a specific topic, like the environment or sports, Google Tech News can help with that too! With these tips, you’ll be able to customize your news experience so that it works best for you every time.

Customize what you see on Google News

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You can customize the news you see by adding topics to your personalized feed. To do this, click on the “+” button or search for a topic and select it from the list of stories that appear in the search result.

If you’re using Chrome or Firefox, try searching for a topic by typing “news” into Google News’ search bar (for example: “news Mozart”). Then click on any story that interests you–you’ll see an option at the top right to add it as a source for future stories about that topic!

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Add your favorite topics to a personalized feed

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You can add topics to your personalized feed in two ways: from the sidebar and from search results.

Add a topic from the sidebar:

  • Go to google.com/news and click on “My news.” You’ll see all of your custom feeds listed here, along with an option to create more if you’d like! Click on any one of them to see what kind of stories are included in that feed, or click “Create new” if you don’t see anything that interests you yet (or just want even more options).
  • If a story catches your eye while browsing through other sources on Google News, click its title link on desktop browsers or tap-and-hold the story’s headline image on mobile devices; this will open up its full page where there should be an arrow icon next to each article title that indicates how many times it has been shared across social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter – under this icon will be options for sharing via those same sites along with another option called “More actions…” which brings up yet another menu where users can choose between saving articles locally onto their device(s), emailing them out directly from within Google itself without having first downloaded them locally beforehand (which makes sense given how much storage space may not always exist within smartphones), bookmarking them so they show up later under certain conditions such as when searching certain keywords related specifically towards those subjects mattering most right now amongst other things too numerous mention here today but worth checking out sometime soon nevertheless

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Get news about specific people

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You can add people to your feed by searching for them. To do this, type their name in the search box on Google News and then click Add to My Feed.

You can also add people to your feed by clicking on their name in the news or search results.

Once you’ve added someone’s name to your personalised News tab, they’ll show up under ‘People’ whenever they appear in stories on Google News (or on other websites).

Choose your topics by location

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You can choose the location you want to see news about by selecting one country or city. You can also choose a specific region, like the US or Europe.

You can also choose the language you want to see news about by selecting multiple languages, like German, Russian and Spanish. You can select English as well if you want to see the news in English along with another language simultaneously (i.e., “English” + “German”).

Select other sources of news

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Now you can select other sources of news. You can choose from a list of news sources, topics and people, and your feed will update with new articles. If you want to save or send an article to friends, just click on it! To delete topics or sources, click on them again.

Enjoy the news in a way that’s relevant to you.

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You can customize your news feed to be more relevant to you.

  • Choose specific topics and people: Add topics that are important to you, like technology or sports, and choose specific publications or journalists who cover them. The more interested in a topic you are, the more likely it is that Google News will show articles about it in your feed.
  • Choose other sources of news: Find out what else is happening around the world by adding sources from other countries (or even other languages).

We’re excited to offer you more ways to customize Google Tech News. As always, we want our products to reflect the unique interests of each person who uses them, so we hope these new features will help you find more stories that matter to you.

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