As technology continues to evolve, there is an increased focus on the future of digital transformation. This is why it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest news today and trends in enterprise technology. In this article, we’ll cover some of the biggest stories coming out of this industry that you need to know about today!

How to use machine learning to see the future

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Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that allows computers to make predictions and decisions, as well as automate tasks. It’s used to create new products and services, improve existing ones, and make better business decisions.

Here are some examples of ways you can use machine learning in your organization:

  • Create personalized experiences for customers based on their past behavior or preferences (like showing them items they’re more likely to buy).
  • Automate tasks so employees don’t have to spend time doing repetitive work; instead they can focus on higher-value activities like analyzing data or solving problems.
  • Use data from multiple sources–like weather forecasts or social media posts–to spot trends before they happen so you can plan ahead effectively (e.,g., buy extra inventory).

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Here are some stories about technology happening today

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Microsoft’s HoloLens is a headset that lets you see virtual objects in the real world. Google is reportedly working on a rival device, according to Bloomberg, which could compete with Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Uber has been building out its self-driving car fleet and recently made headlines after one of its autonomous vehicles hit and killed a pedestrian in Arizona. Now Uber is expanding into another area of transportation: self-driving trucks. The ride-sharing company announced today that it’s partnering with Volvo to build out an autonomous trucking network called “Uber Freight.” The service will start rolling out early next year in Washington State before spreading nationwide later in 2020; it will initially serve only cargo shipments between two locations within 100 miles of each other (so no cross country trips just yet).

Google says it will pay $1.1 billion for engineering startup Kaggle

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Google said Monday that it will pay $1.1 billion for engineering startup Kaggle, which hosts competitions for data scientists to solve problems.

Kaggle provides a platform for companies to post their most difficult challenges and get insights from the crowd, with some of the biggest names in tech using the service to find talent and new solutions for their businesses. Google uses Kaggle’s services internally as well as externally–for example, when it held an annual machine learning competition called “Google Neural Machine Translation” last year (the winner took home $500K).

The acquisition will likely help Google improve its own AI capabilities while also bolstering its cloud computing business: Its Cloud Platform already has more than 5 million developers working on applications like those built on top of TensorFlow (Google’s open source library), but this deal could give them another reason not just use TensorFlow but also develop other tools within its ecosystem.”We’re excited about what this means for our users,” wrote Fei-Fei Li–who leads Google Brain/AI research at Stanford University–in an email sent out yesterday afternoon announcing this news alongside Sundar Pichai (CEO), Diane Greene (VP) and Jeff Dean (VP). “It enables us

Azure Stack becomes generally available

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Microsoft has announced that Azure Stack is now generally available.

Azure Stack is Microsoft’s hybrid cloud offering, allowing customers to run their own private version of Azure on premises. It’s a collection of Azure services that can be installed on-premises, similar to what Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers with its AWS Outposts service and Google Cloud Platform with their Cloud Dataproc service.

Google’s new VR headset may compete with Microsoft’s HoloLens

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Google is working on its own virtual reality headset, and it’s called Daydream View. The new device will work with phones or tablets, which means you can use it with a Pixel phone or an Android tablet. Google’s VR headset will cost $79 when it comes out this fall.

Microsoft also has its own virtual reality headset called HoloLens that works independently of any other devices–it doesn’t need to connect to your phone or PC like Samsung’s Gear VR does. However, while both Google and Microsoft are working on standalone devices, they’re priced differently: The latter costs $3,000 while the former retails for less than half that amount at $79!

Uber is building a network of self-driving trucks

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Uber is building a network of self-driving trucks in Arizona and Pittsburgh.

The ride-hailing service has been testing autonomous vehicles since 2016, but this marks its first foray into long-haul trucking. The company says it plans to have 2,000 trucks on the road by next year, though it’s not clear whether those will be operated by Uber or owned by other companies and leased out for use as part of its new Freight platform.

Uber isn’t alone in trying to reinvent trucking: Samsung recently partnered with chipmaker Nvidia and automaker Daimler AG (which owns Mercedes) to develop an automated system for long-haul transport; Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also said he wants his electric cars to be able to drive themselves across North America someday soon–a capability that could help alleviate traffic jams caused when too many people use their own vehicles instead of public transportation systems like buses or trains.”

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