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Amazon Is Building a Massive New Headquarters

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Amazon is building a massive new headquarters in New York City. The campus will be located in Long Island City, Queens. It will be spread over 2 million square feet and cost $2.5 billion to build. Amazon expects the project to be completed by 2028–the same year that Jeff Bezos was born!

The new facility will house 50,000 employees at its peak and include two towers: one 28 stories high and one 17 stories high; both towers will have rooftop gardens on top of them as well as helipads for quick access around the city (and possibly beyond).

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Snapchat’s Biggest Competition Just Arrived

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Snapchat’s biggest competition just arrived.

Facebook, the social media giant that once tried to buy Snapchat for $3 billion, has launched a new app called Lifestage that is essentially a clone of Snapchat. The app is designed for teenagers and young adults who want to share photos and videos with one another without having them posted publicly on Facebook or Instagram.

You might be wondering why Facebook would bother making its own version of a popular photo sharing app when it already owns Instagram (which has many similar features)? Well, there are two reasons: 1) Snapchat refused to sell itself; 2) Facebook failed miserably at cloning Snapchat with Slingshot–an app that never took off despite being released back in 2014!

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Facebook Just Tried to Take Over the World Again With Its Own Cryptocurrency, And It Failed Miserably

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Facebook’s cryptocurrency, Libra, is a flop. The social media giant announced in May that it was working on its own cryptocurrency and would launch it later this year. But today, the company said it wouldn’t release the project after all–and we have no idea when or if it might happen in the future.

The reason for this failure? Facebook failed to get enough support from partners in order to make sure that people could use their coins as an everyday currency.

The good tech news is that there are still plenty of other crypto projects out there; they just won’t be run by Mark Zuckerberg (or anyone else). In fact, some experts think these alternative currencies could actually help stabilize economies around the world by making financial transactions easier across borders and countries with different currencies

Google’s Newest Pixel Phone Is Here, But Will You Buy It?

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If you’re in the market for a new phone, Google’s Pixel 3 is a solid choice. The device has all of the features you’d expect from a flagship phone–a great camera, lots of storage and an attractive design–but it also costs less than most other high-end devices on the market today.

It’s not perfect: Its display isn’t as good as some other Android phones’ screens and there are no headphone jacks or expandable storage options (though these omissions aren’t deal breakers). But if you want something that feels premium without breaking the bank, this could be your best bet.

Microsoft Just Unveiled Its Own Version of the Echo Dot. Here’s Why It Matters.

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Microsoft recently announced its own version of the Echo Dot, called the Invoke. It’s not a direct competitor to Amazon’s smart speaker–instead, it’s more like Google Home Mini.

The Invoke has built-in Cortana functionality and can be used as an intercom system within your house (or office). You can also use it to control smart home devices like thermostats and lights.

Cortana isn’t quite as popular as Alexa or Siri yet, but Microsoft hopes that by pairing their virtual assistant with another device they’ll be able to make some headway in this growing market segment.

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